Your Story is Your Brand

Every business has a story; the reason why one spends months sleeping four hours a day, or the inspiration as to why their business exists. The story is a tool that has been used to inspire people for centuries. And your business’ journey is a story that can be used to the same end. We believe that these stories have a worth and can capture the minds of new and existing clients. The documentary aims to create a series of films that uncover this journey and inspire a lasting relationship with your prospective and existing clients. After extensive research and years of experience we have designed 3 key components that we believe encapsulate what it means to successful brand - Purpose, People, Product


We’re constantly exploring new forms of visual and written inspiration to inform upon our evolving strategic output with one simple aim- to garner the biggest reach for your video. Our experience and expertise has led us to design the methodologies below; accumulating in a multi-touch approach that has many different outlets ensuring that your brand story will be seen and heard.

Purpose Video

People buy from people. This adage has been the key driving force behind every business for centuries and this has never been so important as it is today. With the emergence of social media, a lot of brands are spending millions trying to connect with their clients. The purpose element is designed to showcase your purpose- the raison d'être, the reason why you started your business and what your ambitions are for the future. The ‘Purpose’ video can further be a great tool to seek investment. Whether this is an immediate need or something for the future

People Video

We pay to watch stories at the cinema, and your story- the ‘making of’ or ‘behind the scenes’ documentary- about your product/service should be no different. Amazing stories can be carved out of how the product was made or the people behind its creation. And those stories can well captivate your audience- making them to understand the pain and the hardship that went into your brand and product’s development. It further means that your customer will have a better value perception for your products/services – making it more desirable.

Product Video

For many sectors, there is a skills shortage and as a result attracting the right member of staff can be difficult. However, huge companies like Apple or Google never struggle in this area as they have a plethora of content that sells their company culture and values. The recruitment video will advertise your company culture, something for potential employees to believe in, to develop an understanding of what it is like to work in your business. In doing this it will help you to promote future vacancies by promoting that it is a great place to work – for some, your business is only as good as the people that work in it!


A video marketing plan entails a steady stream of new video content posted all through the business year. Your Periodicity is defined by your key priorities set by your business goals and how often you need video content to support said goals. For example, a fashion brand would need 4 videos; one for each season, whereas, a marketing agency would need a plethora of content to help punctuate their clients needs. We will work in tandem with your marketing team/plan to define and tailor make your periodicity so that the videos reflect and enhance your marketing priorities.

We re-imagine your content from the people, purpose, product videos, and with some additional footage, inspired by your business goals, we will provide you with a new video for each of your Key Periodicities.

Social Media Edits

In addition to seven videos, we’ll provide a 1-minute long social media edit for each of them. These social media edits, besides giving a boost to your social media, can be used as a gateway to the longer video. Further these edits, will be a perfect fit for optimised social media ads.


That what can be measured, can be managed. We provide native hosting with all our videos. What that means is we get best in class analytical data to find what’s working best, what’s not so much. We translate that data into a friendly report of findings and recommendations, and pass it on to you. Besides helping you pivot and fine-tune your current strategy, these reports can further help you to shape your future video marketing plans.

Purpose Video

Use this as a part of your sales funnel – after speaking with a potential client what better way to cement your values and further your business relationship by showing them who and what you’re about without any extra effort - this can speed up your conversions, speed up the relationships, and add a lasting value.

This is a great example of how a Brand has used a mixture of a documentary-esq video with style to tell their story and their history. they are also advertising their importance to families they employ, and how their brand has contributed to society over the years - this illustration not only builds a lasting cause with the viewer but increases engagement

As a direct result of this campaign Guinness then went of to make a series of documentaries with their employees about new products ... Great way to keep the whole story and tone consistent - great example of the periodicity.

Whereas Guinness is selling us their history and their cause, Under Armour use a great mixture of documentary style filmmaking with conceptual style to pitch us the story of Michael phelpps in training. This Ad follows the traditional story arc where we follow his pain during his training as he prepares for the Olympics and leaves us with the concept that he will achieve his aims in the Olympics

This is an illustration of human struggle that connects with us without speaking. It outlines his purpose and cause in one - he is a winner and he is willing to go through anything to achieve it, and it doesn’t directly advertise the brand or products just the cause of the athlete.

People Video

The people video has a multitude worth of potential, firstly it can reduce your recruitment costs, as less effort and time is required in promoting your video then using traditional recruiting method, thus less investment in attracting potential employees. Furthermore, the video offers a better understanding of your business, which means you will find employees with a better fit. Recruiters using video have seen up to 800% more candidate engagement than a generic text or image based advert. Secondly, any advertisement about your ethics and showing great stories from your employees can also be used as a promotion of the organisation itself.

Let’s start big by looking at one of the biggest companies in the world - Apple. Why do they need or even bother to show you a video of what it is like to work for them.

They do this because it is a great way to attract potential employees and also attracts potentials customers as it gives them a sneak peek into what it is like working for apple.

So Google and Apple have a series of “people” Videos, that doesn’t mean you can not

One of the best things about the people video is that not only does it advertise that your company is a great place to work in and for but it also advertises your products and service - 2 for 1!!

Here we have a mini documentary from Google’s interns and we get the chance to see what it is like to work in the company but we also get some mini soundbites from the bigger leaders - great way to promote your cause

Product Video

The product video does not just have to be about how the product is made, it is also a great opportunity to engage with your customers and ask them to take part, as brand ambassadors or provide you with their stories as testimonials. This affirms your trustworthiness and heightens the value of your brand – either a ‘behind the scenes’ video with your employees or a ‘making of’ with your customers; this has a lasting impression and increases your conversions by up to 80%!

This is a great example of a “making of” video. by watching this the customer has the opportunity to really understand what it takes to make the product therefore they will better appreciate the value of the product.

This also doubles as a good opportunity to sell to your employees - better employee engagement.

A great video documentary by one of the biggest brands in the world.

Through this approach they speak with employees, local community and customers to demonstrate their biggest selling point - they make their clothes in USA.

This again builds a cause with the audience while also showing the customer what it takes and who makes their clothes for them - increasing its value and purpose.

Great example of a video using a customer using a service and an example of how the service helped him.

Here we follow the story of a person using the service and his employment prospects.

The video is styled in the documentary sense and we see his ‘outside’ work existence juxtaposed to a voiceover talking about his career – the voiceover functions as an effective tool to join his career prospects with personal goals and how this service has helped him achieve this.


This is a holistic approach that will mean you will have a consistent video voice throughout your marketing year. While more videos you have with us also means better ROI as the value increases with each video, Periodicity helps you to create an impression, and maintain it’s impact longer. We’ll fit the videos around your business goals. Remember that 78% of people watch online videos weekly – be a constant part of that.

This is a prime example of periodicity. Guinness have designed a series of follow up documentaries discussing the processes and methods behind brewing their drinks. Each of these videos function as a prop to the main TV commercial but they can also be used for different events and audiences. Furthermore, the value has been saved due to the fact that they have combined all the workload within the same shoot, giving a consistent voice to the style of the marketing approach.

These videos do not only inform but again act as another opportunity to sell how your product is made and the people who work in your company.


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